Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free Blog Read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt.6

Almost back from vacation and part six of our blog story, The Law of the Jungle is up at Holly's web site. It is super sexy times for Blake and Henry. Not Safe for Work. *g* Enjoy!


  1. Hi, Eleanor -

    I'm trying to get in touch with you because you won my blog giveaway at Pink Fuzzy Slippers. Please email me -

    lisabet -- at ---


  2. Hi, Eleanor.

    First, I wanna give you my congratulations for all your books! Are amazing all that I read til this moment! :)

    Second, I want to ask you about chance to translate to Spanish this free-story ". I saw is a free storys for all people, and I want to give chance people can't read in English could read this book in Spanish. I think is great and I know that people will love it! :)

    I don't ask for pay or something like that. I just ask for your authorization for do it.

    In this moment, I'm translating K.A. Merikan's free book. "Blood. On the Rocks". They got me their authorization to do it; of course, I let people now is a story that belongs to they. H.B. Pattskyn give me chance to translate her free story "Encantado" too. I'll do it soon.

    If you want, I send you my web and you could have a look:

    I'll wait for your answer. Again, thank you for your books! ;)

    A big hug ♥