Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 2

This is part two of our new blog story, The Law of the Jungle. Part one can be found here.

If you are keeping up with the story, Blake is about to go and talk to the object of his affections. This section is from Henry's POV (said object).

Part three will be on H.L.'s blog next week. Enjoy!

  * * *

Trust one of Nancy’s friends to have a way to get them into the hottest club in town, but Henry sat there bored, waiting for Nancy and Frank return from the dance floor. Somehow being the designated driver also meant he was responsible for guarding the table. So here he was alone, drinking a Sprite and wondering how long before they could leave to go back to the dorms, order a pizza and watch a video on Netflix. Being a poor NYU student sometimes sucked, but going to school in the Big Apple beat one more minute in the small Nebraska town he’d grown up in.

Suddenly, a loud voice in his ear said, "New here?"

Henry turned around so abruptly he nearly fell off his stool. Straightening himself to an upright position, he looked up to face the stranger asking the question and quickly found himself staring into the most clear blue eyes he’d ever seen. For the first time in his life, since his ill-fated crush on the head cheerleader in his high school, Henry was speechless.